Web development and Graphic design for Opli

The Project

Opli is the largest independent news source dedicated to covering Photonics, Physics, Machine Vision, Medical Engineering, Solar Energy, and technology.

In this project I've desigend the website and built it using Umbraco. In addition to web design I also do the email marketing to Opli, which includes weekly newsletter and advertising materials to potential advertisers.

The Solve

New design to Opli

Email marketing

Social Media to Opli

Google analytics

Responsive design to Opli

Opli is fully compatible with phone, tablet, and desktop devices. Opli is also SEO friendly, and built with HTML5 and CSS3. When I write code I make sure to write a clean code. I made sure to put emphasis on the user experience on tablets and mobile devices.
In order to create the responsive design I used Bootstrap 4.

See the full code of Opli in my GitHub account:

Email marketing and newsletter to Opli

Email marketing is essential part of Opli. Every week I send a newsletter with the feature articles of the last week.
In addition, the email marketing is an essential tool to get attract potential advertisers.
I make sure to send attractive and well deisgned newsletters.
The recipients really like the weekly newsletter and give us a positive feedback on its design.